Alice McLeod

Obituary of Alice Virginia McLeod



Alice McLeod:  Wife, Mother, Sister, Teacher, Artist, Doll Collector, Student of Nature, Altruist    6/15/1939 to 9/17/2023

Alice McLeod, of Berkley, Michigan (1939 to 1977), Sterling, Michigan (1977-2016) and Pinckney, Michigan (2016 to 2023) passed after gracefully adapting to illness and decline for several years. She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, George McLeod, who will be remembered well by their friends, and his work life colleagues at the City of Oak Park. Alice was also preceded in death by her sister, Diane Patchin.

She is survived by two sisters, Margy Patchin and Ellen Bowden; four children, Mary Ellen Mohn (John), David McLeod (Juli), Raymond McLeod (Melanie), and Margy Watson (Matt). Whether by blood, marriage or love –Alice never made those distinctions – she is survived by eleven grandchildren, ten great grandchildren and one great-great grandson.

During her career as a teacher in the Berkley and Augres school districts, Alice touched the lives of over 1,000 children. In her avocation as an artist, she stimulated the talents and interest of fellow artists and countless admirers of her talents. Those of us exposed to her interests in nature and kindness toward all living things were inspired to like feelings.

In lieu of flowers, Alice would prefer to be remembered by donations in support of education or wildlife.

In her final years, Alice McLeod taught witnesses to her decline a lasting, profound lesson:  keep your dignity, though the least desirable things are happening to you. Choose not to be indignant.

During her final year, Alice received extremely compassionate care at Devotion House, in South Lyon, Michigan.

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