Jacob Hurley

Obituary of Jacob Daniel Hurley

Jacob Daniel Hurley:  We love you. Jacob you are our loved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. His life is celebrated by mother Patricia Lynn Hurley, father Daniel Joseph Hurley, sisters Emily Fay Hurley and Shannon Marie Hurley.  Aunt Beverly and Uncle Fred Kaupp and cousin Geoffrey Wilson.   Uncle Al Wilson and Aunt Judy and cousin Cody Zachariasen.  Uncle Ray and Aunt Julie Wilson, cousins Joshua and Courtney Wilson, Melissa and Riley Blankenship.   Aunt Nora and Uncle Mike Galdiero.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Sally Hurley, cousins Ryan, Rachel, Kristin and Tommy K.  Aunt Kelly Renaud, Uncle Tim Hurley, cousins Mildred, Timmy and Anitrah, Josh, Jenny, Simon and Celia Hurley.   Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie Hurley, cousins Matt and Jack Hurley.  Uncle Mike Hurley, Aunt Maria, cousins Michael, Alex, Natalie and Nazaret.  Uncle Kevin Hurley.   Grandma Dorothy Wilson.  Grandma MaryJo and Papa Tom Hurley.  Aja Wong, Joaquin, Lucy and Gloria.  Chris Tropp.  Amanda Bellestri.  Erin Smart. Charlie Reddie, Garrette Smitts, Jessica BabcockTroutOrr, Jennie Spencer, Heather AlexanderSparks, Alex, DJ and Max Rentz, and a multitude of other people.  We love you and will carry you with us forever.  You are one of a kind. 

Unfortunately in the last few years I’ve said goodbye to a few very special friends of mine. Shortly after the birth of our second daughter we received tragic news.  Looking at my past posts, I see JDs and Eric’s memorials.  I wanted to throw down some words about my friend Jacob Hurley who left us last winter suddenly.  I don’t think it’s possible for anyone I’ve met to love music the way Jacob did.  It’s where friendship formed and our connection was based.  He introduced me to music that lights fires in my soul. Our relationship was complicated with pauses and rekindling.  When I reflect on our best shared memories what stands out is his laugh and energy but most of all his sense of adventure.  Adventure meaning research into something he found interesting, travel, learning how to write Japanese, and practicing speaking Spanish aloud with my husband. Jacob had a big mind and an even bigger heart.  One year he helped me do my taxes for free. Who in their right mind would ever want do do that?  I can tell he didn’t want to because he disciplined me verbally as he completed the work so he could never have me ask him to do it again. LOL.  I found the scrap of paper with my tax ID on it recently in his handwriting.  I stuck it somewhere special.  A small relic proving he was here on earth with me. that he had my back and would help me with the impossibility of doing government paperwork because he loved me.  He DJ’d our wedding.  He looked great and used every ounce of his energy that night to deliver a slam dunk performance for a full dance floor.  The venue threatened to cut off power if we didn’t stop but we did stop.  (Because they forced us).  “I don’t know about everything in life but I know that for the rest of mine i want to be your friend.”  That’s what Jacob said during one of our last marathon conversations.  Buddy, I’ll always be your friend and you’ll always be mine.  Rest in power.  Hold my spot.  ❤️  Aja


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